Mom and Daughter Team

Hello! I’m Kimberly McCain and welcome to Eraselet®! The Eraselet® was created by my youngest daughter Audrey.  One afternoon upon arriving home from school, she realized AGAIN she had no eraser left on her pencil and no extra erasers were to be found around the house so she could do her homework! I am sure a lot of you can understand her frustration! We all know that erasers dust and leave that awful mess, but that dust is your eraser leaving your pencil! And let’s face it folks, kids (and most of us adults) don’t keep up with things too well, like the extra erasers they are supposed to carry around.

Audrey, being the bright second grader at the time, full of imagination and energy, looked down at a wrist full of bracelets and said, “We should just tape one around my wrist and then I’d always have one.”

Now, we didn’t want to just create an eraser that was going to leave us all in the same “dusty” mess we’ve all been in before; an eraser that denigrates and therefore, no eraser, no way! We came up with the Eraselet®! The only bracelet eraser that is washable, reusable, functional, fun and made right here in the USA!

So, there you have it…..the beginning of Eraselet®! Three years and 3.5 Million Eraselets later, my four children and I are having a blast living our American Dream, and it has been quite the learning experience for us all! Would you like to join in on the fun?  Order your Eraselet® today!
Thank you for your interest in our FUNctional little USA made product, Eraselet®!

How They Work

In order to maintain the integrity of the bracelet and to ensure that you have an eraser that you can use over and over again, the Eraselet® is created specifically NOT to “dust” like a regular eraser. When “dusting” occurs, that is your eraser leaving your pencil onto your paper! Then you end up with a lot of pencil and no eraser. We didn’t want to leave you in the same “dusty” MESS. So… HOW DOES it work?!!

The Eraselet® transfers the graphite from the paper and captures it in the pores of the Eraselet®. When the pores in one area fill up, simply rotate the Eraselet around to an unused area. You should always use the inside of the Eraselet® when erasing, this keeps the outside designs from wearing out over time. Your Eraselet is washable and reusable! You may wash it in mild soapy water (make sure you get all of the soap off) and allow it to dry before you use it again. Please note: The black marks will still remain on the Eraselet®, however, the pores will be able to capture the graphite again.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD: Not for children under 3 years.
Made in the USA!

Instructions for use:


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