FUNctional FUNdraising

Rather you are looking for a fundraising option, want to purchase Eraselets as an incentive/school spirit item, or use Eraselet® to help “Erase Your Cause,” Eraselet® is a FUNctional, fashionable and unique item that allows your students to keep an extra eraser handy!

Created by my daughter Audrey, stemming from her frustration of never having an eraser when she needed one, our Eraselet® was born! Since then it has been quickly gaining popularity and for good reason!

Having sold over 3.5 million Eraselets thru the promotional product industry, we have set out to solve the problem of the disappearing Eraser FOREVER! Our non-dusting, reusable, washable, Trademarked USA made product helps to “ERASE the PROBLEMS” of standard erasers!


  • No more trying to find an extra eraser for your students!
  • No more torn and ripped papers from pencils with no eraser on the end!
  • No more nasty eraser “dust” all over your classroom floor!

Now you can…

  • Order you own CUSTOM designed Eraselet® for your school
  • Order from our current inventory for your bookstore or classroom
  • Create a fun and exciting fundraising program
  • Create “What Can You Erase Campaigns” to: ERASE Bullying, Drugs, Smoking, Gangs, etc.  

Audrey and I would like to thank you as we pursue our American Dream!

Would you like to join us? Order your Eraselets today!

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